Marbella Brands

Grand Marbella (5 star plus Hotel or Resort)

The most luxurious and superior hotels that due to their conception, quality, design and location are the hotels preferred by distinguished, demanding and discriminating customers. Outstanding hotels offering a luxury product with excellent services. They are found in the center and first class business areas of major cities and leading tourist destinations.

Marbella Hotel/Resort (4 and 5 Star Hotel/Resort)

4 or 5 star business or resort hotel with extensive meeting and convention facilities complemented by natural environments surrounded by gardens and latest design swimming pools offering a variety of family and outbound programs as well as entertainment programs. Those hotels are located in the most popular coastal or mountain tourist destinations or in the central business district. First choice for FIT guests, group business, conferences, incentives or a family vacation.

Marbella Suites (4 or 5 star All Suites Hotel or Resort)

All suites properties, that stand out among Business & Resort Hotels in cities and other resort places for their highly personalized and eminently friendly service. The ideal choice for business travelers within cities and for leisure travelers in the most outstanding tourist destinations.

Marbella Villas (5 star Villas)

Luxury character villas with an exclusive, individual design, state of the art technology and personalized service. Situated in major tourist destinations.

Marbella Boutique Hotel/Resort (5 star Boutique Hotel or Resort)

Unique hotels that set themselves apart by offering distinctively different accommodation. Each room is a world on its own, individual and exclusive, decorated by one of a kind furniture and modern amenities. Boutique hotels are located within residential city areas or resort places.

Marbella Vivendi Hotel/Resort (4 and 5 star Lifestyle Hotel or Resort)

Unique properties with shared core values but distinctive character where design, international cuisine and cutting edge technology have an important role of play. Situated in major cities or tourist destinations.

Marbella Esprit (3 star Economy Hotel)

Specially conceived or created for budget business travelers. Located in the commercial and business areas or suburbs close to industrial areas. They provide all the services and amenities required by business travelers and offer excellent value for money.

Marbella Residences (4 or 5 star Apartment or Serviced Residences)

Apartment buildings with spacious and stylishly appointed rooms for short or long stays offering facilities and services similar to Hotels. They are located in major cities.